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"Pentecost" Mosaic



The design for the mosaic "Pentecost" that hangs in our Fellowship Hall was inspired by words taken from Hurlbut's Stories of the Bible in the chapter, "The Church of the First Days," which reads as follows:


"Ten days after Jesus went away to heaven there came a day which the Jews called "The Day of Pentecost," or "The Fiftieth Day," for it was just fifty days after the Feast of the Passover.  On that day the believers in Christ were all together in the upper room praying, when suddenly a sound was heard like the rushing of a mighty wind coming straight down from the sky.  And what looked like tongues of fire seemed to be over the heads of all the company.  The the Spirit of God came upon them all, and they began to speak of Christ and of his gospel with a power that none of them had known before."


The flames in the design represent the tongues of fire which seemed to appear over the heads of those present.  The bird forms are symbolic of the Spirit of God.  The rays of light and the gold and white bands depict the brilliance of heaven and the purity and holiness of Christ who had ascended.  The movement of line and form throughout is to express presence of rushing wind.


It did not seem necessary to use the human form to represent the disciples.  Rather, the use of cold tones deep in the background of the lower half convey the dismay and bewilderment the disciples experiences when their Lord had been crucified and later gone away to heaven.  The contrasting whites and warm golds at the top would create for the viewer a feeling of the glorious change which took place in the twelve men when the Spirit of God descended upon them on that most significant and wonderful day.  It is impossible to know how they felt when this miraculous event occurred but it did transform them and, in turn, thousands of others.  It was as if a world had come out of the darkness into the light!


This interpretation of the Pentecost was made possible through the joint efforts of the Junior High Fellowship Groups from 1965 through 1969.  It is dedicated to the church with the hope that the significance of Pentecost will become a reality through this work of art. The artwork was conceived by Elva Frederking, selected by the young people and then the Junior High Fellowship members joined with Mrs. Frederking and two talented mosaicists, Helen and Lee Hooper, to complete the result you see pictured here and now hanging in the Fellowship Hall.






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