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About TPC


Who We Are

A brief description of Tustin Presbyterian Church including the TPC Identity Statement and the TPC Theological Statement of Faith.



A list of the members of the staff of Tustin Presbyterian Church.





A brief history of Tustin Presbyterian Church since its founding in 1884.



A brief description of the committees of the church and the responsibilities assigned to each committee.





A description of the campus of Tustin Presbyterian Church.


Contact Us

A list of the ways to contact TPC and its staff by mail, telephone, FAX, and e-mail





A list of the elders currently serving on the session, the primary governing body of Tustin Presbyterian Church.



A map of the location of Tustin Presbyterian Church and driving directions from nearby freeways.




Board of Deacons

A list of the members currently serving as deacons.  The office of deacon is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ.
















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