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Nominating Committee


Identify church members to be nominated for election as church officers. Responsible for the training of newly elected church officers prior to their ordination and/or installation. Committee members are elected by the congregation and the session.



Christian Education Committee

Adult Ministries


Educate persons; train leaders; provide singles and special ministries. Adult Church School/educational opportunities; educating members of the session; retreats, camps, conferences.


Children's Ministries


Educate children. Children in Worship, children's retreats, camps, conferences, special gatherings, baptism, commissioning, provide nurture.


Youth Ministries (Junior High / Senior High)


Educate youth. Research, develop, and recommend curriculum; provide publicity, registration, and facilities; coordinate resources (equipment, materials and people), provide training for lay teachers.


Worship Committee


Provide for corporate worship services as well as Christian music and art experiences in cooperation with the pastor(s).  Plan and coordinate a variety of activities to encourage fellowship among members of the congregation.



Stewardship Committee


Develop our year-round program of stewardship of time, talents and money.  Conduct the annual Stewardship Campaign.



Mission Committee


Present the needs of mission global as well as local. Provide leadership for special offerings approved by the session. Stress the need for time and talent in local mission programs.



Property Committee


Maintain buildings and grounds; manage assets (equipment, rooms, library, program resources). Obtain and review all insurance coverage.



Personnel Committee


Obtain all non-exempt staff and nurture staff; Worker's Compensation Insurance; temporary help; medical insurance, payroll, payroll taxes; affirmative action. Conduct annual staff reviews.



Finance Committee


Budget financial resources; account for funds; manage finances, initiate annual audit.



Fellowship Committee


Plan, coordinate, and facilitate fellowship activities that appeal to a wide variety of interests within the congregation.



Board of Deacons


The office of Deacon is one of sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ. The Board of Deacons is structured to provide training, ministry and administration in support of each Deacon and, in turn each member of the congregation.





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