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REMIX Sends a Welcome



In addition to warmly welcoming kids in the park to our program each Wednesday, the REMIX kids recently ensured that our Sunday guests enjoy TPC’s special brand of hospitality as well.  After decorating letters in the word “WELCOME”, our kids posed in front of the deodar tree that TPC planted at Peppertree Park for a photo. This colorful greeting is now the cover of our welcome notes to first time visitors.


You can help their efforts.  Each Sunday, please reach out to any newcomers in your pew and ask them to be sure to include their addresses as they sign the Fellowship Pad.  We’re eager to mail out these beautiful greetings!



Do You Have a Suggestion for TPC?


Your church leaders are eager to hear from you.  Give us your feedback, questions, and suggestions by using the Suggestion Box on the table in the patio where the juice is served after the Sunday morning worship services.  During the week, the suggestion box is in the church office.  The Suggestion Box can be found in the church office during the rest of the week.  If you want a response, include your contact information.  Thanks.



Tustin Taiwanese Presbyterian Church


Over two years ago, Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, which has shared our campus for several years, decided to divide into two congregations, one worshipping in the our facility and the other worshipping in Laguna Woods.  They have now completed the separation process. We have recently been informed that the members of the congregation that is meeting at TPC have decided to change the name of their congregation to the Tustin Taiwanese Presbyterian Church to better reflect the location of their worship services and other activities.  Our publications will now reflect this new name, including its abbreviation “TTPC.”  Because of the similarity between the abbreviations for the two churches, please read the publications carefully to be sure it is clear which church is associated with each article or activity.  We extend our best wishes to TTPC as together we minister to Tustin and its surrounding communities.






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