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Blessings Forward Campaign Update



Capital Campaign Fund Final Summary


Dear TPC Members and Friends,


Congratulations and Thank You!  Just five years ago, a group of us got together to plan what came to be Blessings Forward.  Together we achieved our goal of raising $1,000,000 for renewing and upgrading our facility, for mission, and for endowments into the future.  The goal of this campaign was to ensure the ministry of Tustin Presbyterian Church in this location into the future.  We had wide participation by our membership.  Our brothers and sisters in Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church shared generously in this effort.


The giving period began on June 1, 2005, and extended for three years, until May 31, 2008.  Most pledges were complete by the end of 2008.  As of June 30, 2009, we are now declaring Blessings Forward to be concluded and to be a great success.  We have been able to complete a number of projects and we have earmarked $200,000 for mission.  Among our accomplishments:

  • A renewal of our worship space including new custom furnishings, upgrades to our organ and a new sound system.

  • A renewal of our Christian education building, including carpet and paint, new staircases, decking and windows.

  • A renewal of the Youth Lounge with all new carpet, paint, windows and furniture.

  • Reroofing and painting of the Bell Tower and roofing repairs elsewhere on the property.

  • A renewal of our Fellowship Hall and kitchen, including accessible restrooms, increased storage, new flooring and windows, new kitchen appliances, coffee makers and our own prayer labyrinth.  Glass sliding doors for the Fireside Lounge are on order.

  • Audiovisual equipment and computer improvements, including a Power Point projector and blackout shades in the Fireside Lounge.

  • A gift of $100,000 to the Joining Hearts and Hands initiative of the Presbyterian Church (USA), including sponsorship of two new mission co-workers, Jane Holslag and Carol Dolezal-Ng.

  • Gifts to local mission, including Laurel House, Santa Ana Hispanic Ministry, Veeh School garden and San Francisco Theological Seminary/Southern California.

  • Additional funds to endow future needs for property and pastor housing.

Our awareness of stewardship has grown during these years ó stewardship of our beautiful facility, stewardship of Christís mission in Southern California and throughout the world and stewardship as individual members of the Body of Christ.  Our generosity has grown and we trust it will continue.  Thank you for your part in this great venture.



Fellowship Hall Labyrinth


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