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Board of Deacons


See a list of the current members of the Board of Deacons.



Behind the Scenes with the Deacons


Your TPC Deacons are hard at work caring for our TPC family.  We take meals, deliver flowers, offer transportation, send cards, make phone calls and distribute prayer shawls to our family and friends who need comfort and support.  We organize and help with memorial receptions and sponsor an annual Deacon Brunch where our TPC family gathers to enjoy fun, food and fellowship. 


We are able to accomplish much of our ministry because of the support you give to the Deacons' Fund.  Your generous donations have funded these projects as well as scholarships for kids, the Connections Ministry and sponsoring families at Christmas time.


Thank you to our Deacons: Mariann Cardenas, Socorro Ching, Nancy Gerhard, Kathy Greenwood, Ellen Groves, Jan Morgan, Norma Patton, Ruth Schweitzer and Jean Simon!




The Deacons hosted the TPC Family in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, April 2, for the annual Deacon Brunch.  Brenda, Ellen, Janet, Kathy, Lynn, Mariann, Norma, Ruth and Socorro hope everyone enjoyed this special event.


Watch a short video of the Deacon Brunch to see some of the food, fellowship and fun that we shared.



Prayer Shawl Ministry


The Deacons have been blessing members of the congregation and the community while giving out Prayer Shawls.  Now we need more creators of Prayer Shawls, who in turn will also be blessed!  Please contact Norma Patton in the patio after the worship services or call the church office at (714)544-7070.  Likewise, if you know of anyone in need of a Prayer Shawl, please let Norma know.  The Deacons have delivered over 60 shawls to those in need of comfort!



Ministry of Caring and Visitation


An important part of our life together is caring for one another, sharing God's concern, and praying for one another. The deacons, the pastors, and the Parish Associate are called to a ministry of caring, including visitation.  Our staff wants to know when you or someone you love is sick or hospitalized.  Please call the church office at (714)544-7070 if someone is in the hospital rather than calling the Parish Associate or the secretaries at home.



What's Happening with the Deacons


The Deacons are happy to welcome Norma Patton and Mariann Cardenas to our Board, which makes a total of 9 people to pray and care for our congregation.  Norma will be in charge of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, which is a wonderful addition to our ministry.  So far, over 25 Prayer Shawls have been given to members of our congregation.  Many, many people have been knitting away making these beautiful works of yarn woven with thoughtful prayers.  If you would like to be involved, please see Norma Patton in the Patio after the Sunday morning worship services and look for announcements in the weekly bulletin.


Please call the church office or one of us to let us know how we can help.  We’re here to serve!


See some pictures from the recent Deacon Sunday when the work of our deacons was highlighted.



What Do Deacons Do?


The question often arises:  Just what does a deacon do at Tustin Presbyterian Church?  Good question!


The ministry of Deacons at TPC is one of compassion, witness, and service, sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the lost, the friendless, the oppressed, or anyone in distress.


The Board of Deacons works with members in times of need, keeping in touch by phone and computer, visiting the sick, elderly and shut-ins, sending cards, providing transportation, taking meals, delivering flowers from the Sunday services, and organizing memorial receptions.


That list of services may seem overwhelming.  For that reason, the TPC deacons have been organized in a very efficient manner.  To assure that all needs are met, and so that no deacon gets overburdened, each function is assigned to one or two deacons as their primary function.  In this way, each deacon’s special gifts can be best utilized and the workload is spread out in a manageable fashion.  To coordinate activities, the deacons meet as a Board one evening a month.


Of course, the more deacons there are, the better they are able to meet these vital needs of the congregation. Members of TPC who have a willing and cheerful spirit of service are qualified to be deacons.  The benefits of serving as a deacon include getting to know members of the congregation in a closer and more meaningful way.


So, if you feel called to serve in this special way, please let a member of the Nominating Committee know.


If you would like to know more about what the deacons of TPC do, feel free to contact the deacon moderators. They would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have.



Volunteer Opportunity: Operation Wheels


The Deacons are looking for people who are willing to drive a fellow member to appointments or church events on an occasional basis.  If you are able and interested in helping out, please call Brenda in the church office at (714)544-7070.  She will get the list of drivers to the Deacons.



Deacons' Fund


The ministry of the deacons is a caring service.  The deacons serve our congregation and community in many ways.  The Deacons' Fund is used to provide memorial receptions, to support the ministry of our Parish Associate for Visitation, to offer scholarship help to our children and youth, and to help financially in special circumstances of need.  You may use the gold and white envelopes in your box or the green envelopes in the pews.  This offering is welcome at any time during the month, but it has traditionally been a part of our communion service on the first Sunday of each month.







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