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These are the names of members and friends of TPC who have special needs and have requested prayer. Please include these people in your daily prayer.  If you wish to place someone on the list, contact the church office at (714)544-7070.




Nancy Bailey

Jim Erickson

Jim Moulton

Jan Bauman

Mittie Erickson

Libby Pankey

Antonella Cardenas

Loretta Herter

Lee Robertson

Jack Clark

Joan Loth

Jeanne Siegel

Janette Ditkowsky








Family and Friends of Members


Bryan Alessi

Friend of Sandi and Ken Lovejoy

Diane Alessi

Friend of Sandi and Ken Lovejoy

Dan Bell

Father of daughter-in-law of Verleen Turner

The family of Brian Bos

Son of Jolene Cady

The Calagday Family

Relatives of the Jeltemas

Andrea Chapman

Daughter of Nan Gunnell

Jonathan Christ

Brother of Martha Connely

Clara Connor

Friend of Mariann Cardenas

Andy Davis

Friend of Nan Gunnell

Christina Dege

Niece of Nancy Gerhard

Tom Dege

Brother of Nancy Gerhard

Wyatt Dever

Friend of the Benjamin Family

Lee Ditkowsky

Husband of Janette Ditkowsky

David Dolan

Friend of Barbara and Jere Murphy

Lois and Bob Donaldson

Friends of Jo Ann Steve

Felice Dworkin

Aunt of Lee Ditkowsky

Linda Finney

Friend of Barbara and Jere Murphy

Edna Grafton

Friend of Nan Gunnell

Bob Johnson

Friend of Jo Ann Steve

Greta Katen

Cousin of Peter Scholten

Susan LaFlamme

Friend of Jolene Cady

Barbara Lee

Sister of Janie Rounsavell

Dennis Lefebvre

Son-in-law of Lelia Robertson

Betty and Jack Livermore

Friends of Kathleen Arnold

Rafael Martinez

Friend of Nan Gunnell

Isobel McCutcheon

Friend of Nancy Koshak

Charlie and Pam McPhee

Friends of Sandi and Ken Lovejoy

Karen Moynihan

Friend of Nancy Gerhard

Pat and Jim O'Donoghue

Friend of Janie Rounsavell

Larry Pankratz

Cousin of Nancy Gerhard

Sue Perkins

Friends of Nancy and John Koshak

Raye and Eric Ritchie

Friends and former members of TPC

Lisa Rockwell

Friend of Leslie Benjamin

Katie Rumpca

Cousin of Nancy Gerhard

Koko Sayan Gianella

Sister of Mariann Cardenas

Dennis Schnieder

Brother-in-law of Janie Rounsavell

Gary Scholten

Brother of Peter Scholten

Sue and Jack Schultz

Sister and brother-in-law of Tarry Goeden

Luke Alan Schwartz

Grandson of Sandy and Alan Alford

Greg Shnell

Brother of Jim Shnell

Anne Christ Smith

Daughter of former TPC Pastor Karl Christ

Kristyn Smith

Niece of Nancy and John Koshak

Cathryn Stewart

Mother of Ken Stewart

Louise Teel

Niece of Lee Robertson

Kay Helen Thele

Niece of Lee Robertson

Alicia Villegas

Friend of Patty Sanchez

Jeff Webb

Nephew of Lorna Bacon

Ken and Adeena Welle

Son of Verleen Turner

Chris Young

Nephew of David Young











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