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Homeless Aid Table


Would you like to help fight homelessness but are unable to participate in the overnight church hosting?  The Mission Committee has another way to help.  We are expanding the homeless support by offering the congregation the opportunity to donate hygiene-related products.  The donated products would be used by the guests at the Family Promise Day Center when they return after an overnight stay and to help them get started into a home after they graduate from the program.


We will be asking the congregation to bring products on the second Sunday of each month and leave them on a cart on the patio — just as the Hunger Table collection is taken.  The Mission Committee will make sure the donated products are delivered to the day center after the Sunday collection.


The next collection of hygiene related products will be on February 11.  If you have any questions on this new mission, please see a member of the Mission Committee on the patio after the worship services or call the church office at (714)544-7070.


Here is a list of products needed by the Family Promise Day Center:


Shampoo & Conditioner – Large Bottles, Any Brand

Shampoo & Conditioner – Hotel Size

Bars of Soap

Toothpaste & Toothbrushes


Laundry Detergent, and Fabric Softener

Toilet Paper

Diapers (Especially Sizes 4, 5, 6), Baby wipes



School Supplies for Teachers


The Mission Committee is starting a new local mission project.  We are planning on providing school supplies to teachers at schools in the Tustin area.  We would adopt a school and arrange to provide supplies to all the teachers at least once and possibly twice a year.  This mission would start small doing only one school, but it has the possibility to grow and support many schools.  Obtaining the products and packing and delivering them to the school could involve many in the congregation from youth to seniors.  The Mission Committee stands ready to support this project with money and manpower.  We are looking for a leader to head up this mission as we have with Family Promise.  Interested in helping or leading?  Please contact a member of the Mission Committee or the moderator, Bill Groves.



Good News on Habitat for Humanity


Below are tentative “Build” dates and locations set for the Los Ranchos Presbytery Coalition by Habitat For Humanity, Orange County:

  • December 16 — Build Day at the McFadden site.  Finishing work on 5 houses.  Last Build Day for this site.

  • March 10 — Build Day at Fullerton site.  This is a site near one that TPC worked on five years ago.

  • May 19 — Build Day at Tustin site.  This is a 2-house project on “A” street, one block west of TPC.  Having a Habitat project so close, provides TPC with an opportunity to participate at a higher level.

Also, the Mission Committee recognizes Dale Schweitzer for his participation in all 5 of the Coalition “Builds” this year starting with the True Value Hardware clean-up at the Anaheim Convention Center on February 19.  If you have questions about any of this information or wish to participate in a “Build Day, contact Jere Murphy or call the church office at (714)544-7070.




Help Estock Eagles Soar Again!


School began on August 22!  Consider giving a hand to Helen Estock Elementary School, which is just around the corner from TPC.


Last year, Brenda Benjamin, Kathy Greenwood, Jeff Lyngaas, Judy Merker, and Merry Powers spent time in classrooms at Helen Estock School.  They listened to children read, helped with math and fostered a loving relationship with the students.  Interested in joining this team?  Please contact Kathy Greenwood by telephone or by email or call the church office at (714)544-7070 to invest an hour or two of your precious time in our church neighborhood school.  You can make a difference!



La Semilla Learning Center in Downtown Santa Ana



The end of summer brings new opportunity to help children with their education at the La Semilla Learning Center at First Presbyterian Church, Santa Ana.  The primary purpose of the Learning Center is helping 1st through 5th graders with their homework, but there are side benefits to the students: to improve their life skills and to have a better attitude toward formal education.  The benefit to the tutors is the knowledge that they have made the student’s road to a better education easier.  In addition to Tustin Presbyterian Church, volunteer tutors presently come from First Presbyterian Church of Santa Ana and Trinity United Presbyterian Church.


If you are interested in knowing more about the Learning Center, please contact Barbara or Jere Murphy, Norma Patton or the Rev. Kim Skilling.  If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact Jere Murphy, or you can call the church office at (714)544-7070.



L'Arche Wavecrest/Abraham House


As a long-time financial supporter and volunteer for L'Arche Wavecrest, I am excited and hopeful about the things that are happening within the organization and at Abraham House, the residence in Orange where those with and without developmental disabilities live together in community.  Allow me to share my excitement.


I see God equipping Wavecrest with a larger, more experienced board which is reaching out to the community, forging new relationships and raising needed funds.  In December, L'Arche Wavecrest was invited by the mayor of Orange to officially light the city's Christmas tree, which provided the core members a joy-filled evening and greater recognition within their city.  And in May, there was a fundraiser at the Anaheim White House where it was announced that there are plans to fulfill the dream of expanding to a second home. 


A new Executive Director, Jeni Baird, was hired last November.  Several of you met her and heard her presentation at a First Thursday luncheon.  She has incredible energy and enthusiasm.  Recently she has hired a male live-in assistant and a part-time office assistant.  Jeni is also reaching out to Chapman University to develop relationships with students in the hope they will become volunteer interns.  A film student recently made a short documentary about L'Arche Wavecrest, which is informative and emotionally engaging.


The summer was highlighted by the core members attending the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics in L.A. and were "Fans in the Stands", acting as ambassadors of L'Arche.


Even though TPC and Wavecrest have a relatively new partnership, TPC has already repeatedly reached out by extending an invitation to Wavecrest to share its story and designating Abraham House to receive donated food every third month.  Priscilla Patterson noticed they had borrowed a lawnmower so donated the one that was sitting in her garage!  Thank you, TPC, for your warmth, generosity, and commitment to sharing Christ's love with others.


Submitted by Lynn Petersen at the request of Mission Committee.  For more information about how you can help, contact Lynn or Mission Committee Moderator, Sue Currie



Laurel House

Providing a Home for Teens in Crisis for Over 30 Years


We received the following letter from Laurel House:





Presbyterian Disaster Assistance


The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is responding to the storms, tornadoes, and flooding in the Midwest and South as well as to the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and its partners. For updates on these natural disasters and the church’s response, please visit PDA at  


You, too, can be part of God’s answer to prayer for those affected by natural disasters. Information on the situation and prayers and worship resources are available through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Funds from One Great Hour of Sharing are already helping with the initial response. You can give to the ongoing relief through PDA account number DR000064.






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