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Jesus' Last Words


Steve Ranney, Pastor


One of the fascinating sections of Scripture, to me at least, are five chapters in the Book of John that I call Jesus’ last words.  If you recall, each of the Gospels has its own flavor.  The Gospel of John is different from the other three in that it was written decades later in order to write down stories and teachings of Jesus that the other three had not included.  Thus, while the other three Gospels talk about the evening when Jesus celebrated His last Passover meal with His disciples, it is John who goes into great detail about what Jesus said to them.  Five of John’s twenty-one chapters are devoted to what Jesus said on that night.  The night before He went to the cross.


I think the reason that I find these chapters fascinating is that it allows us to pull up a chair at that table while Jesus pours out His heart to these men who had followed him through thick and thin for three years.  He knows that in a few short hours He will be arrested and walk that long lonely road to the cross.  He also knows that, as much as He has tried to prepare them for what is about to happen, they really have no clue about what it all will mean.  So, on this last evening, Jesus looks at these people that He loves and wants to give them what they will need to make sense of the last three years, as well as be a guide for them going forward.  In these chapters, we see Jesus opening His heart to them so that they will know, not only why He came, but why He chose them and how much He loves them.


Starting in the middle of February, we will begin a sermon series looking at these remarkable “last words,” so that we, as disciples of Jesus, can understand that these words were spoken for us as well.  Please join me (either in church each Sunday or listening to the sermons through the website at as we allow these words to give us a deeper perspective of the love that led Jesus to offer Himself on our behalf.



Meet Steve Ranney


As we welcome our new Pastor, Steve Ranney, here is a little information to help us get to know him better:


  • Married to Kim Skilling who is a graduate of Princeton Seminary, is celebrating over 30 years as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and is now the Designated Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Anaheim

  • Two sons and a daughter and two grandchildren.

  • B.A. in Ministry from Northwestern College in Roseville, Minnesota.

  • Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary.

  • Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from McCormick Seminary.

  • Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in 1991.

  • Associate Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church of Centennial, Colorado, 1991–2006.

  • Pastor/Head of Staff of St. Mark Presbyterian Church of Ballwin, Missouri, 2006–2015.

  • Steve seeks to lead both by example and by challenging people to use the gifts that God has given them for the building up of the body of Christ.  Thus, Steve's main focus is helping each person grow up in their relationship with God so that God will be able to bless others through them.






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