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So What Are We Going to Do About Easter?

Steve Ranney, Pastor


In a little over a week, we are going to celebrate the most important events in human history.  We will gather on Palm Sunday to walk with Jesus through the tumult of Holy Week, join him as he travels down that long road to the cross, wait with the disciples during those long nights as they tried to put their lives together again and then celebrate the astonishing news that turned the world upside down and changed their, and our, lives forever.  It will be a glorious time for us to be reminded of all that Jesus went through for us, and the love that was behind it.  After our celebration, we will walk out into a bright day (even if it should rain), grateful to our Lord for coming for us.


But what happens on Monday?  How do we take the Great News of Easter and share it with our world?  We, as followers of Christ, have been given the great privilege of sharing the Good News with the people God brings across our paths.  Imagine having a cure for cancer and keeping it to yourself.  That is what we have been given.  Sin is like a cancer that is working overtime to destroy our world, and we have the cure.  We have been given the task of inviting our world to meet God and invite Him to walk with them, so that they can find the life they were designed to have.  It is because of the events of Holy Week that we can know that we have been welcomed back into God’s presence.  It is because of the events of Holy Week that we can invite others to be welcomed into God’s presence.


That is why our three-year plan included two very important goals.  First, we want to start another service, so that we can invite people to come to know the Jesus we know.  This new service will be different in style and most likely will be on a Saturday late afternoon or evening.  What we need is people who feel called to join a team that will work to make this service a reality.  Because it will be different from the service we now have, it may stretch us to look for God outside of our norm.  Session is looking for people who feel called to help design and develop this new service.  Please spend some time in prayer and ask God if this is something that He has gifted and called you to do.  Then, send me an email with your contact information, so that we can gather to start work on this important project.  If you do not feel called to this particular project, please pray regularly for those whom God is calling.


Second, we realize that for us to be effective in carrying out our mission, each and every one of us needs to grow up in our relationship with God.  Whether we are newly born in the faith or have reached a level of maturity in our love for Christ, there is always more growing to do.  That is why we want to develop our adult education program.  Either through classes or small groups, each of us needs to find a way mature in our walk with Christ.  Each of us needs to ask the question “What is it that I need in order to pursue a more committed life with Christ?”  When you answer that question, please send me an email to let me know.  We are looking for someone or a group who feels called to help us put together the classes and/or small groups that will address those needs.


Because of the events of Holy Week, the world is a different place, and we are different people.  Christ is calling us to join in this great adventure of sharing that great news with those who need to hear it. This Easter, listen for God’s call to you.



Meet Steve Ranney


As we welcome our new Pastor, Steve Ranney, here is a little information to help us get to know him better:


  • Married to Kim Skilling who is a graduate of Princeton Seminary, is celebrating over 30 years as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and is now the Designated Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Anaheim

  • Two sons and a daughter and two grandchildren.

  • B.A. in Ministry from Northwestern College in Roseville, Minnesota.

  • Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary.

  • Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from McCormick Seminary.

  • Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in 1991.

  • Associate Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church of Centennial, Colorado, 1991–2006.

  • Pastor/Head of Staff of St. Mark Presbyterian Church of Ballwin, Missouri, 2006–2015.

  • Steve seeks to lead both by example and by challenging people to use the gifts that God has given them for the building up of the body of Christ.  Thus, Steve's main focus is helping each person grow up in their relationship with God so that God will be able to bless others through them.






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