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To listen to the sermon from one of the worship services at Tustin Presbyterian Church, select from the list below.  CD recordings of the sermons as well as the complete worship services can be requested by contacting the church office at 714-544-7070.

DatePlaySermon TitleSermon TextPreacher
2/18/2018Time to Grow Up: Grown Up PrayerLuke 22:39–46The Rev. Dr. Steve Ranney
2/11/2018Time to Grow Up: The Lap of GodHebrews 4:14–16The Rev. Dr. Steve Ranney
2/4/2017Time to Grow Up: I Don't Want to Grow UpHebrews 5:11–6:3The Rev. Dr. Steve Ranney
1/28/2018Of Demons and Pigs (Part 2)Luke 8:26–39The Rev. Dr. Steve Ranney
1/21/2018Of Demons and Pigs (Part 1)Luke 8:26–39The Rev. Dr. Steve Ranney
1/14/2018Youth Mission Trip Report
1/7/2018What Is Truth?John 18 : 33–38The Rev. Dr. Joseph Price