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What Does The Worship Committee Do?


Service is an act of Stewardship. One type of service that may not be apparent has to do with our Worship time. Each week, before, during and after worship, a cadre of faithful stewards help to make the service run smoothly, thereby helping to make our time together more meaningful.

As you enter the front doors on Sunday morning, you are welcomed with a smile and a handshake from the Greeters. The Deacons arrange for these folks.


The next greeting is from one of four ushers. The ushers begin their tasks prior to the service by turning on the lights, lighting the candles, getting a glass of water for the preacher, opening the doors, setting out the parking signs and generally making sure the sanctuary is ready for worship. The ushers provide you with a bulletin and help you find a seat. They remain in the Narthex to assist worshippers who arrive late and those who may have to leave early. After counting and recording the attendance, the ushers pass the collection plates during the offering. They take the offering to the office and place it in a bank bag, which is locked and placed in the safe by the office staff. After the service, the ushers collect the friendship pads, tidy up the pews and close the sanctuary.


Another vitally important part of the service is providing amplified sound so that all the worshipers can hear every word and every note of music. Every Sunday someone from a small group of talented people sits at the console at the rear of the sanctuary, manipulating levers, knobs and other controls to provide quality sound for everyone to enjoy. They also record the service and make several copies that are available immediately following worship. This "Tape Ministry" makes it possible for shut-ins, church school teachers and others to experience worship with us even though they are not able to be with us in person.


There is another group of faithful parishioners who arrange for the flowers every Sunday. They coordinate a sign-up system so that each week someone in the congregation has the opportunity to commemorate a special occasion or remember loved ones. This same group also coordinates the seasonal decorations that we all enjoy during our Easter and Christmas celebrations. They also spend time once a week checking the pew racks to be certain they are all in order and that the necessary supplies and information are in place.


Deacons and Elders serve communion on the first Sunday of each month. The Worship Committee arranges for the communion elements with help, at times, from the deacons. The Worship Committee moderator coordinates the schedule for communion servers.


The Worship Committee moderator also arranges for lay liturgists to assist with worship each week. Anyone who is interested in serving as liturgist must take the liturgist class offered periodically by the Worship Committee and taught by the Pastor.


Music is a very important part of our worship. Our talented chancel choir practices each Thursday evening and each Sunday morning in order to lead us in worship. Our children’s choirs and handbell choirs on Wednesday afternoons. The Minister of Music and the Pastor spend many hours working together to ensure that the music is coordinated with the lectionary and the message of the sermon.


The TPC staff members work together to prepare the bulletins for our worship services. Many untold hours go into preparing for each and every worship service. Most of the planning must be completed well in advance in order to have time to prepare the bulletins and have them ready for Sunday morning. All of this is in addition to choir rehearsals, composing prayers, preparing liturgists, and writing sermons!!!


Finally, the Worship Committee is also responsible for planning special services of worship and overseeing the work of the wedding and memorial hostesses. Many of the tasks performed by Worship Committee members are routine in nature, they are nonetheless rewarding and contribute to our ability to worship God each week here at Tustin Presbyterian Church. All who are interested are welcome to join us. Please call the church office for meeting information.




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