The 2020 TPC Giving Tree

The 2020 TPC Giving Tree — A Little Talk

Q: Will the Mission Committee still be having the Giving Tree this year?

A: Yes!  The same, old Giving Tree!  But the process will be a little different…

Q: So, what’s the same?

A: Well, we’ll still be filling gift bags for each girl and boy on our list with a small present and a $25 gift card for clothing or shoes, and we’re still filling Christmas boxes with groceries (two bags and $50 in grocery gift cards each) for the families of each child on our list.

 Q: I forgot. Where do we get the list from?

A: The City of Tustin.  They’ll be sending us the list in mid-October.

 Q: Sounds great! How do I pick up a bag and sign up?

A: That’s what’s different for this year.  We won’t be having traditional sign-ups, and you won’t be filling a particular bag.  This year, it will be more of a group event.  Throughout the month of November, we will be collecting donations made out to Tustin Presbyterian Church and designated to the Giving Tree.  Then the TPC Shopper will make the purchases we need to fill the bags and boxes.

Q: How much money does the Mission Committee need to raise?

A: We’ll know better after we get the list and start making purchases, but at least $4,000. (Groceries have gone up, but we may save some money buying in bulk!) Watch this space in November for more information.

Q: This is all sounding kind of impersonal.  I like to be more hands on.

A: Understood! Folks like you are invited to volunteer for our Giving Tree Assembly Team.  In mid-December, you can join a happy band of masked, gloved, and socially distanced gift wrappers, bag stuffers, and box fillers in the Fellowship Hall, preparing our gifts for pick-up by the City of Tustin.  Watch this space in November for how to register your interest.

Q: I suppose I could try that.  It’s a little bit of a bummer, though.  This pandemic…

A: I hear you. But remember, it’s just for this year.  I’d also like you to consider how the same pandemic, the one that is leading to these modifications, has slammed the most vulnerable in our community so that the need is greater than ever before.  If there ever was a time to continue

the Giving Tree, this is the year!  Please plan to give generously!  And watch this space to keep informed!

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