STAFF and LEADERSHIP 2021-05-25T10:33:33-07:00

Staff and Leadership

The Rev. Dr. Steve Ranney


About the Pastor

Colin Stave

Chancel Choir Director

Dr. Dennis Siebenaler


Emily Fuentes

Youth Director/Worship Assistant

Lori Ruff-Schmalenberger

Director of Children’s Ministries

Brenda Barrios

Administrative Assistant

Patty Sanchez


Martha Romick

Financial Secretary


Class of 2021

Char Derby
Bob Evans
Bill Groves
Ryan Reithmeier
David Young

Class of 2022

John Kleponis
Angel Ocampo
Heather Philips


Clerk of Session:  Sue Currie

Class of 2022

Socorro Ching
Jorge Gutierrez
Loren Webb

Corporate Officers

    President:  David Young
Vice-president:  Heather Philips
Secretary:  Sue Currie
Treasurer:  Bill Groves

Board of Deacons

Class of 2021

Mariann Cardenas
Nancy Gerhard
Tarry Goeden
Jan Morgan
Patty Sanchez
Deanna Welle

Class of 2022

Brenda Benjamin
Jeff Lyngaas
Georgina Palomec
Verleen Turner

Class of 2023

Sandy Alford
Ellen Groves
Patricia Stout
Tricia Webb