Pastor’s Message February 2021

What Do I Want to Be at TPC?

In the January Parish Press, I wrote about what we wanted Tustin Presbyterian Church to be like when we re-gather.  Over this last month, in our worship service, I have been explaining the three ways that God calls to us, to be Reconciled to God, to be a part of God’s church so we can grow, and to be God’s ambassadors to our communities, our nation, and our world.  The only way that we can be the TPC that God wants us to be is for each of us to respond to God’s three calls.  Therefore, the question each and every one of us needs to answer is “What do I want to be as part of TPC and the church of Jesus Christ?”

I think that the first thing that will be required of each of us moving forward is a deep love for Jesus.  The reason the Church exists at all is because of what Jesus did for us.  If I want TPC to flourish, I first need to have a passionate love for Jesus.  As I reflect on all that He has done for me, I really can’t help it. (For more on this, watch the January 31 sermon on our website at

As I allow that love to grow inside of me, it should lead me to be a part of God’s Family.  It is in Christ’s church that I can further discover who God is and what God wants from me.  It is also here where I can learn to accept and be accepting of others that God loves.  It is here that I can try out my gifts.  It is here where I find care and support and offer it to others.  It is here where I can find my gifts and practice using them.  It is here that I can grow from a spiritual infant into a mature Christian.  It is here where, each week, I can recharge and renew to face the challenges of this life.  TPC can be a place like that if we choose to make it so.

As we grow up in our relationship with God, the third thing that I need to do is be willing to be used by God to reach others who are looking for God’s love.  I have been blessed with three children to raise.  I loved the years that they spent with me, but they have grown up and are out in the world using their incredible gifts.  While I loved those growing up years, if they had never become adults, I would have been a terrible parent.  I would not only be hurting them, but I would be depriving the world of their gifts.  Likewise, at TPC we need to grow up in our relationship with God and then take those gifts out to share with God’s world.  As God directs us, we will find people and places where we can do the incredible work of helping our world to be reconciled to God.  As we gather each week to recharge, God will show us how we can be used by Him.

On January 31, I will begin an eight-week sermon series that will talk about all of this.  If you are interested in helping TPC become the church that God wants us to be, I invite you to join each week asking the question “How is God calling me to grow?” If we want TPC to be the church that God wants it to be, we have to work at being the people that God wants us to be.  The question is, are we willing?

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