Pastor’s Message for April

Easter Like You Mean It II

Last year I told you about a television commercial that showed kids involved in an intense Easter egg hunt.  They were jumping over hedges, diving into pools and checking each other out of the way in pursuit of plastic Easter eggs,  I am assuming, filled with candy or money.  It showed kids celebrating when they found one of these little treasures.  As the kids jumped around and waved their arms in celebration, words “Easter Like You Mean It” popped up on the screen.

I pointed out that we are the people with the most reason to “Easter Like We Mean It. ” Because of what Christ has done, the gates of Heaven stand open to us.  We are exhorted to run boldly into the Throne of Grace.  We have the assurance that no matter where we go or what we face, the Love of God will never leave us.  And we don’t need to dive over hedges or jump into pools or check anyone out of the way to acquire it.  This gift is eternal.  It will never fade or lose its luster.  It will never disappear.  All we need to do to receive it is to open our lives to Christ and let it wash over us, and fill us to overflowing.  Because of this gift, we can go out into a world that can be hard and full of pain with hope and confidence, knowing that there is nothing in all this world “that can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39)

As we look around at the world in which we live, it is full of people who need us to show them where to find that meaning and peace that everyone longs to find.  One of the ways to share that is to live every day to let the love of God show through us.  The reason that we can do that is because of Good Friday and Easter.  They need us to show them the way.  So, again this year, my challenge to you is to remember the amazing gift we have from God and go out into the world and Easter Like You Mean It.

Steve Ranney, Pastor

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