Pastor’s Message for February


In December I came across a podcast of a radio show in which people who had kept their New Year’s resolutions for the whole year were asked to call in and describe what the experience had been like.  There was a man who had given up french fries for the year.  Another man had given up watching sports (to do this, he had to sell his season tickets to his favorite baseball team for that year).  A couple of people talked about making sure they worked out every day.  Each of them described the experience as meaningful and eye opening and to a person, they were glad they took on their challenge.  As I listened to them talk, the thing that impressed me was the discipline it took on their part to carry through on their commitment.

As we face this new year, I would like to share with you a wonderful description of what the life of the Christian entails:

“The Christian life is not about political ideology, or about condemnation, or about trumping someone else’s experience.  It is about Jesus, about being his disciple, about falling in love with God, and about having the courage to let that kind of devotion actually change your life.”  (Derek Maul, “Journeying Through the Days”)

As we move through this year, let me invite you to make a resolution (maybe it could be a Groundhog Day resolution since we are in February) to spend this year falling more in love with God and as Derek Maul exhorts us, to let that “devotion actually change your life.”  I bet if we do, when we come to the end of this year, we will be so glad we did.

Steve Ranney, Pastor

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