Pastor’s Message for July

Let’s Build This House

On June 16, I attended the dedication ceremony for five new Habitat for Humanity houses in Santa Ana that were a project of The Presbytery of Los Ranchos.  I was asked to meet with two of the families ahead of time to offer a prayer of blessing for their individual homes and to offer the opening prayer for the ceremony itself.  As I reflected on the experience with Kim that evening, talking about all of the hours that people from TPC have put into this project and numerous Habitat projects over the years, she said “that is one of the great things that TPC does, build houses.”  She is right.  If you add up the tens of thousands of dollars that we have given to Habitat over the years and the hours of labor that have gone into those homes, and then you add in the projects like Laurel House and our most recent “House of Ruth” project, we have a history of building places where people can not only have shelter, but where they can create a home.

If you think about it, that is what we are building at TPC as well, a spiritual home.  Each week, we gather in the beautiful house that has been built for us to connect again not only with our Lord, but also with our spiritual family.  As we spend time together, we have the opportunities to develop relationships that strengthen our spiritual ties with each other.  Through joining small groups, participating in fellowship activities and worshiping with each other every week, we become a spiritual family and TPC becomes a home.  It is important, however, that our home, like the other homes we have built over the years be a place that is welcoming and especially inviting to people who are searching for their own spiritual home.  As we draw closer to each other, it can lead us to forget to welcome those that come looking for a spiritual family like we have found.

This summer, let us make a special effort, not only to welcome the people that God leads to us each Sunday, but let us also look for those whose paths cross ours each day, who are looking for a family that will nurture them as they find their connection to God.  Then we can invite them to this wonderful place we call home and that is how we can continue to build this spiritual home we call Tustin Presbyterian.  Let’s Build This House.

Pastor Steve Ranney

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