Pastor’s Message for June 20109

A Small Choice That Saved the World

At my daughter’s college graduation, the speaker talked about how each of them was setting out to make a big impact on the world.  She described how they spend their days looking for some big break that would give them the platform they needed to change things.  She went on to say that things rarely, if ever, worked that way.  She went on to say that the things that they needed to concentrate on were the hundreds of little decisions along the way.  If they were fully present and engaged as they made those choices, they would lead them to finding their meaning and purpose(s) in life.  She described how that had worked in her life, and even the decisions that did not work out so well eventually led her to a place where she could have the kind of impact that she wanted on the world.  That woman was Oprah Winfrey, and her choices have impacted the lives of millions of people.

This summer we are going to look at the life of a person who made a small choice, which I consider to be in the top ten of significant choices, based on its impact on the world.  It was this choice that opened up the conversation, once again, between a God who longed to be in relationship to the human race and the human race.  It was this choice that gave God the opening that eventually led to the coming of our Lord into the world and the gift of reconciliation between God and us.  It allowed me to know God.  It allowed you to know God.  That person was Abraham.

Starting after Pentecost, we will begin a series that will take us through the summer (with a few weeks off for vacation and study leave) looking at the life of this sometimes remarkable, sometimes weak and easy to manipulate, sometimes fearful, sometimes brave, sometimes unfaithful man as he learned to trust God with everything he had.  As we look at his life, we will shake our heads in wonder at how he could make both terrible choices and brilliant choices over his lifetime.  We will be able to see ourselves in some of the choices that he makes.  I invite you to join me (and when you can’t, pick up the sermons on Facebook live streaming during the service time or from the website at as we look at the person that reintroduced us to God.  I trust you will find his life as fascinating and educational as I do.


Pastor Steve Ranney

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