Pastor’s Message for May

I recently ran across this vision statement for a company.  By reading it, can you tell what business they were in?


We at ________ are Proud to be the


On our watch we want to do something

extraordinary with our gifts and talents.

History will be the judge, but the script is ours.

We are on an adventure to blow the doors off

“business as usual.” We are here to make a

difference in the world, and a world of difference.

We are extremely committed and passionate

about a culture built on loyal relationships, with

our team and the world, that are generated

by Genuine Care, LOVE, Fun, Heart,

Honor, and Happiness,


As I read this for the first time, it struck me that this vision statement could have applied to the first Christians.  They went out and “blew the doors off” of Jerusalem in those first weeks after Pentecost because they had something extraordinary to offer to the people of their time and place.  We have been given the opportunity to share that same great news with the people of OUR time and place.  How about we adopt this vision statement as our Pentecost challenge and seek to be as committed and passionate to sharing the Good News of Jesus as the people of Mama D’s restaurant (yes, the vision statement above is from a restaurant) are about what they do.  I think Jesus deserves at least that much passion from us, don’t you?

Pastor Steve Ranney

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