Pastor’s Message for November 2019

In God We Trust

If you look at any denomination of United States currency, you will find the phrase “In God We Trust.”  It first appeared on a two cent coin in 1864 and was placed on all coins by 1909.  In 1955 President Eisenhower signed a bill making it mandatory that all currency produced by the United States government display the words “In God We Trust.”

There are those who are opposed, not only to having the words on our money, but also having it referred to as our nation’s motto.  It has been challenged on numerous occasions, most recently in 2014, on the grounds that putting the phrase on our currency amounts to the government “establishing” a religion.  Each time, however, the courts have disagreed and ruled that this simple phrase did not rise to the level of endorsing religion, but was simply a statement out of our heritage, and allowed it to stay.

On the other side of the argument, there is a foundation committed to defending the use of this phrase as our country’s motto and who have set up an organization that serves to stand guard over this tradition.  They raise funds to lobby Congress and respond to lawsuits seeking to remove the phrase from our money and other government-sanctioned uses.

The one question I have, when it comes to this debate, however, is “Do we really trust in God?”  It is one thing to give lip service (or money service) to this phrase, but does it show up in the way we live our lives and the choices we make?  When worry rules our lives, do we remind ourselves that our trust is in God and turn the issue that we are worried about over to God?  Do we let fear guide our actions or do we choose to act as one who can trust God with every area of our lives?  And, ironically, does the way we use our money show that we trust God to provide all that we need?

Over the last few weeks in worship, I have been talking about what it means to trust God.  Using Luke chapter twelve, we examined what it means to trust God with our security, our relationships, our resources and our future.  If you have missed any of these sermons, please pick up the sermons on the Tustin Presbyterian Church website, Then join us for the rest of the series which will conclude on November 17.  I look forward to seeing you and talking about this together.

Pastor Steve Ranney

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