Pastor’s Message for October

World Communion

October 7

World Communion Sunday is one of those incredible days in the Church’s year — a day of solidarity.  It is a day when we can push to the background those things that divide and separate us and focus on what is truly important.  On this day we, along with Christians in Taiwan, China, New Zealand, Russia, Poland, India, Norway, Kenya, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Lybia, Sudan, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil, (you name the country) celebrate the meal that reminds us why we call ourselves Christians.  On this day, I exhort you to let it also remind us of our unity in Christ.  Around this table, it doesn’t matter what form of government we have or how we baptize.  It doesn’t matter which version of the Lord’s Prayer we recite or the liturgy we use.  It doesn’t matter if we like hymns, praise songs or no music at all.  What matters when we gather around this table, is that we have come because we know that Jesus has saved us.  In the breaking of His body and the shedding of His blood, He freed us from the penalty and the stain of sin on our lives, and He reconciled us to God.  Around the world as each of us raises the cup and partakes in the broken bread, we declare along with over a billion other people that we are followers of Jesus the Christ and we are their brothers and sisters.  What a day!

World Communion Sunday this year is October 7.  As we gather on that day, let me encourage you to add to the celebration.  We will have a variety of bread that represent different cultures, so let me invite you to dress the part.  If you have a piece of clothing that to you represents a country or culture somewhere in the world that you have a connection with, I want to encourage you to wear it that Sunday.  As you know, I will be wearing my dashiki from Kenya and my stole from Mexico which has pins from Taiwan and Scotland in it.  Each of these has special memories for me because of the Christians I have met, worshiped with, and served Christ with, from those countries.  As we gather, we will be reminded that we are not alone and that God loves all the people of the world.  Join us on that day and celebrate what Christ has done to unite us, and, if you can, dress the part.


Pastor Steve Ranney

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