Pastor’s Message for January

What Counts? 

Not Everything that Counts can be Counted and
Not Everything that can be Counted, Counts.
Albert Einstein

This is an incredibly profound statement for a genius whose greatest contributions to our world involved trying to quantify and explain some of the mysteries of the universe with numbers.  This is one of the signs of his genius in that he recognized that there are things that God values that are often counter to what the world around us values.  For example, our world values the acquisition of power and status, yet God sent His Son to a young couple with none of that.  Instead of being born in a palace and given the best of everything, the Son of God was born in a stable and given a bed of straw in a trough where animals dined.  The Son of God grew up in obscurity, only gathering a following after He turned thirty. The Son of God often tried not to draw attention to Himself, instructing people He had healed to not tell anyone that He had done it.  In fact it was not until The Son of God was preparing to return to heaven that He instructed His disciples to tell His story.  Throughout His life on Earth, The Son of God made it clear that He was not seeking adulation from the men and women around Him.  What He was concerned about was what God thought of His choices and life.  All of that runs counter to the way our world says we need to operate.

As we enter this new year, I invite us to stop and take a look at the “why” of our lives.  Why do I make the choices I make?  Why do I place value on the things I hold precious?  Why do I choose the lifestyle I live?  Why do I …?  As we take an inventory of our lives, let us then ask from whom we are seeking praise.  If we are to follow The Son of God, He would invite us to live each day in such a way as to earn praise from God.  If we do, then we will be living lives full of what really counts.

Steve Ranney, Pastor

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