Pastor’s Message July 2021

Why Not?

(Part 2)

Last year, just before everything shut down, I shared with you the story of our first night in Turkey, December 30, 2019.  Kim and I took the recommendation of the concierge at the small hotel where we were staying and went to a late dinner at the Garden Mezze restaurant.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal, but the best part of the meal was the man who waited on us. Every time we made a request of him for things, like asking if we could move to a table farther away from the cigarette smoke or for more Turkish tea or if he could change a 100 Lira note (about $22), his response was always “Why not?”  As we talked about it later, we realized what a wonderful attitude that was.  He wasn’t looking for reasons not to grant our request, he was looking at the possibilities that each request offered.  We decided to make that phrase the theme of our trip.

It strikes me, as we come back from over a year of “wandering in the wilderness,” that this is a great attitude for us to have as we move forward into our future.  Each day Christ brings opportunities into our lives that give us the chance to react in a positive Christ-honoring way.  For example, you see a coworker that looks as if they are having a rough day, and you feel the nudge of the Spirit to ask them what is wrong, giving them an opportunity to talk about it, respond with Why not? When you feel a nudge from the Spirit to volunteer the next time Family Promise is here, respond with Why not?  When the Spirit reminds you of someone who needs you to pray for them, respond with Why not?  When you are invited to look at God’s blessing instead of what you lack, respond with Why not? You get the picture.  You might be surprised by what God brings into your life.

This is also the attitude that we need to have in our life together at TPC.  Why don’t we try going to where people are through programs like Beer and Theology, instead of expecting them to come to us?  Why don’t we expand our Spanish-language ministry to reach out to our neighbors by using our facilities to distribute food?  Why don’t we find creative ways to invite people to know Christ more fully and completely?  As we move forward into the future that God has in store for us, let’s make our motto for the future, Why not?

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