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Who We Are

Tustin Presbyterian Church (TPC), founded in 1884 and located in historic Old Town Tustin, has a rich history of service to the local community.  Our membership contains people with a wide variety of theological backgrounds who share an abiding love of the Lord.

TPC has a well-developed music ministry as an integral part of its spiritual leadership program.  This high quality of music is a strong and vibrant aspect of the total ministry here at TPC.

The most noticeable feature of our church to visitors is the warm and friendly attitude of the entire congregation. We are a church family that includes all generations in loving and caring support of each other.  New families and individuals coming into the church are warmly welcomed into all programs and activities.

Tustin Presbyterian Church is congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and a member of  The Presbytery of Los Ranchos.  More information about the history and theology of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is available for those who are interested.

Tustin Presbyterian Church Vision

Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus

Tustin Presbyterian Church Mission Statement

In response to God’s love for the world, we engage with God in worship,

inclusive fellowship, spiritual growth, and service to our community and beyond.

Theological Statement of Faith

Having considered the life and mission of Tustin Presbyterian Church, we believe that:

We are a people of God, one part of the body of Christ, and a community which needs and seeks diversity as a way to become whole. We are called to live as servants, according to the model of Jesus Christ, who suffered on behalf of all people. We are becoming a new creation by the power of God’s grace, empowered by the presence of the Spirit of God in us and in God’s world, to proclaim the good news of Christ and to manifest the love and justice of God.